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Spiti Valley

For first-time visitors, the district of Lahaul & Spiti feels like a different planet – the terrain, climate  and air are unlike any other place on Earth. Known as the 'cold desert', this is a unique region - one of  the only places on the planet where you can get a sunburn and frostbite at the same time! The high altitude and tough terrain of the region have kept it isolated from the rest of the world for  thousands of years and it is only recently that access has been made possible, thanks to the year round efforts of the Border Roads Organization.  

Lahaul & Spiti is not for the faint-hearted though, it demands a good level of fitness, both mental and  physical due to the lower concentration of oxygen and amount of sunlight it receives. However, those  who dare to venture, get rewarded with views of stunning arid mountains, ancient Buddhist  monasteries, rare wildlife, crystal clear lakes and glistening streams.

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